1.3 Benefits of a Successful Retrofit

 What is a robust retrofit and why would I want one? By the end of this lesson, you will have learned… about the cost of not retrofitting the key benefits of a robust retrofit which benefits are most relevant for tenants, home owners, landlords and other groups the issues that a robust retrofit aims to avoid […]

Essential reading

Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency: from “hidden fuel” to “first fuel”

This more recent report (2019) has replaced the previous 2015 document cited here. Free registration with IEA may be required to access this: https://www.iea.org/reports/multiple-benefits-of-energy-efficiency#

Note: “In other literature, the multiple benefits of energy efficiency have been variously labelled “co-benefits”, “ancillary benefits” and “non-energy benefits” – terms often used interchangeably with “multiple benefits”. The IEA uses the term multiple benefits, which is broad enough to reflect the heterogeneous nature of outcomes of energy efficiency improvements and to avoid pre-emptive prioritisation of various benefits; different benefits will be of interest to different stakeholders.”


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