2.1 Buildings in the UK Climate – Climate and Weather

Main contributors to Module 2 Eric Parks and Andy Simmonds The key objectives of Module 2 are: to give a background in today’s climate across the UK to give a background of how the UK climate might be in the future and to consider the aspects of climates and microclimates that we need to keep […]

Essential reading

  1. MetOffice_Guide_to_Climate_Science1 This is a very helpful introductory guide, but please note that it is not up to date with events and data since the time of its release around 2006. Therefore, the boxed text on page 7 is now out of date and there have been warmer years on record since. For an update about the warmest years on record, please see this NASA Analysis about the Warmest Year on Record.

Suggested reading

  1. A short video and further detail is available here on the Met Office website: http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/climate-guide  
Lesson tags: climate processes, global climate, local climate, local weather
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