3.1 Introduction to UK housing stock(Duplicate)

Main contributors to Module 3 Andy Simmonds, Unison/Sheffield Hallam University (see note below) The key objective of Module 3 is: to provide a firm foundation of understanding for developing robust and appropriate retrofit strategies for buildings of different constructions, materials and ages by: starting with a background in the most common construction styles in the UK […]

Suggested reading

  1. http://teaching.shu.ac.uk/ds/housing/hnc/year_1/course_material/housing_construction_and_property_management/HCPM101_00.pdf
  2. http://www.nhbc.co.uk/NewsandComment/Documents/filedownload,59849,en.pdf
Lesson tags: construction materials, construction methods, non-traditional construction, pre-fab construction, Traditional construction
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