5.15 Hygrothermal modelling, surveying, monitoring and analysis

By the end of this lesson you will have learned about: Hygrothermal modelling Glaser method Hygrothermal modelling software What can WUFI do? 1. Hygrothermal modelling Understanding the general principles and typical behaviour of older buildings is invaluable whether looking after an old dwelling or planning its retrofit. Part of our understanding of what is happening […]

Essential reading

Suggested reading

  1. ‘Breaking the Mold’ Part i by Joseph little, https://passivehouseplus.co.uk/articles/insulation/breaking-the-mould-part-i , accessed 2nd August 2023.


  2. ‘Review of Hygrothermal Models for Building Envelope Retrofit Analysis’ from Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation http://www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/publications/en/rh-pr/tech/03-128-e.htm Accessed: 2nd November 2015
Lesson tags: AECB, CarbonLite Retrofit, hygrothermal modelling, moisture modelling, moisture movement, WUFI
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