5.7 Moisture in Materials – Wood Moisture Equivalent

By the end of this lesson you will have learned about… Wood Moisture Equivalent Sorption and Desorption Equilibrium Moisture Content Example – Assessing the risks of application of an IWI assembly 1. Wood Moisture Equivalent One of the best headline indicators to describe the environmental conditions at the interface is moisture content (mc, %) – […]

Essential reading

  1. Moisture Measurement in Buildings – Wood-Moisture-Equivalent or % Moisture Content? http://www.aecb.net/knowledgebase/moisture-measurement-buildings-wood-moisture-equivalent-moisture-content/
  2. How to Measure Moisture in Buildings: http://www.aecb.net/knowledgebase/measure-moisture-buildings/

Suggested reading

  1. The AECB has set up a discussion forum that provides a facility to further explore related issues: Omnisense remote monitoring system FAQs http://www.aecb.net/forum/index.php/topic,4477.0.html


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