8.1 The Costs of Retrofit

Main contributors to Module 8 Dr. Steve Fawkes, Principal, EnergyPro Ltd, Senior Adviser to the Investor Confidence Project & Investment Committee Member, London Energy Efficiency Fund, http://www.onlyelevenpercent.com Andrew Simmonds, Tim Martel (CLR modelling and analysis) Kate De Selincourt and Tina Holt (editing) The key objectives of Module 8 are: to consider at the financial aspects […]


  1. Energy Savings Trust. 2011. The Retrofit Challenge: Delivering Low Carbon Buildings
  2. RIBA. Climate Change Briefing
  3. The Green Book. Appraisal and Evaluation in Central Government. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/the-green-book-appraisal-and-evaluation-in-central-governent
  4. Also known as ‘non-energy benefits’
  5. The subject of increased value of energy efficient buildings is controversial. In some jurisdictions evidence suggest that energy efficient buildings are more valuable but this has not been proven in all markets, including the UK.
Lesson tags: carbon mitigation cost, CarbonLite Retrofit, CLR modelling, financial appraisal methodologies, housing stock, investment appraisal, retrofit benefit, retrofit cost, retrofit decision-making
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